Roland Garros - The 2004 French Open - Official Site  Posted by Hello

Interesante descripción en el site oficial de Roland Garros sobre el estilo de juego de Guillermo Coria y Moyà de cara a su choque de hoy en cuartos de final:

"Guillermo Coria has no weaknesses on clay. His footwork is inch-perfect, his reflexes lightning quick and his tactics irreproachable. His stamina is legendary and his temperament cool as a cucumber. Coria generally picks up break points thanks to his exceptional return of serve. Whilst not a handicap, his serve is not out of the ordinary.

Moya knows what he has to do. Stronger and more powerful than Coria, he has to go for his winners rather than wait for errors that will not come. To do that, he has to take risks all over the court. Both players possess beautifully disguised drop shots, and the one who makes best use of that generally underused weapon may well prevail."

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